About us

ALG Company JSC renders full range of services on safe storage at warehouses of class A and container terminal. Well-qualified personnel, modern technologies, usage of latest software designs, warehousing and refrigerating equipment, efficient mechanism of control on compliance of required temperature conditions and storage requirements allow to work almost with any variety of cargo (goods) delivered by any mode of transport (Auto, Railway, Air). We offer unique rental conditions, safe storage, processing of cargo of pharmaceutical products, food products, clothes and other consumer goods, spare car parts and others.

Our main services:

  • Railway processing (20/40 foot containers, covered wagons, open wagon, autocarriers, thermostat cars, drop end cars with large-size equipment and others).
  • Storage of railway units temporary storage warehouses, customs area, free zone.
  • Receipt, delivery, sorting of production (sorting out).
  • Responsible storage of production taking into account its special features and your requests.
  • The widest range of warehousing services in the work mode of distribution center.
  • Selection and packaging of orders at the request of customer for delivery to outlets and to wholesale buyers.
  • Cross-docking (operations with goods without placing on the responsible storage area).

Our advantages:

  • Rapidness — Logistics center is located within the Almaty city that allows to shorten cargo delivery time and expenses, increase the speed and quality of their processing.
  • Uniqueness — the Logistic center is the only one warehouse in the territory of Kazakhstan which allows to provide chain continuity from receipt and processing of containers and railway cars to storage of production at the same time in three temperature modes: +15 +25 °C, +2 +8 °C, +8 +15 °C.
  • Modern software - total control of all business processes in the online mode. Due to introduction of the most modern methods of management of commodity stocks, you can see residual stock in a warehouse from your computer at any time of a day.
  • Preparation of documentation — timely and full creation and preparation of a package of shipping documents, when receiving and shipping goods to and from the warehouse. And also preparation of reports of goods movements and the stocks of goods in a warehouse in real time.
  • Absence of risks — we assume all responsibility for safety of your production, insuring you against possible risks.

We guarantee proven technologies of receipt and order processing, timeliness, accuracy of gathering and execution of orders. The cost of safe storage service shall be calculated individually by taking into account desires of each client.