Cross-docking is a logistic operation in a chain of deliveries when the time of shipment of goods to the warehouse and its further delivery to the recipient is agreed to exclude storage of goods, to reduce a time interval between unloading to warehouse and shipment from a warehouse for the purpose of delivery of cargo from the supplier to the seller for the shortest term.

ALG Company carries out 4 types of cross- docking:

  • Transhipment is a simultaneous unloading from one vehicle and loading into another. The actual change of a rolling stock without additional processing of cargo.
  • Reconsolidation is delivery of batch of goods from one supplier to several final recipients to a warehouse by one vehicle, sorting of batch of goods, loading into several vehicles, delivery to several final recipients.
  • Consolidation is delivery of batches of goods from several suppliers to one final recipient to the warehouse of responsible storage on several vehicles, sorting, loading into one vehicle, delivery to one final recipient.
  • Collection is integration of batches of goods entered the warehouse for processing by cross-docking technologies, orders completed from the goods which are stored in a warehouse.